We offer 3 different car servicing options.

The Manufacturer Service uses approved manufacturer parts, the Essential Service is the same as Manufacturer but with the use of Gargash Motors approved parts, and the final one is the Value Service that’s designed to fit in with most budgets. Find out more about our servicing options.

service plan

Pay monthly Service Plans with Gargash Motors

We understand that servicing your car can be an unwelcome cost when paying for it in full.
Therefore we offer our customers the opportunity to take advantage of our service plan which allow them to spread
the costs of their car’s maintenance into fixed, affordable monthly payments that are inflation proof. You can start
your plan today
for low monthly installments.

Other mechanical and bodywork services

As well as the above, we offer a range of other aftercare services including accident repair, tyre repair and replacement, brake checks and replacement ,and air con re-gas.
If you have any mechanical or cosmetic concerns with your car,
you can book an appointment for one of our qualified paint and dent specialists to take a look at it.

We have clear pricing with a guarantee that our car servicing and repair prices are the lowest in the area.
Let us help keep you safe and on the road.

Car and van servicing

At Gargash Motors, we offer three different types of car service; a Manufacturer Service, an Essential Service and a Value Service. There are unique benefits for each of these, and they’re priced in a way to cater for various budgets.

One of the benefits of using Gargash Motors for your car servicing is the low priced Service Plans. Our Service Plans help thousands of customers spread the maintenance costs on their car.

If you want to book a service at your Gargash Motors dealership, you can do so by using our online booking tool, making it a quick and hassle-free process.

Call 04 340  6229 to find out more about Gargash Motors van and car servicing.

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Manufacturer Car Service

Manufacturer approved services are available at all of our dealerships, Gargash Motors is the best place to book your car service. With specialist expert technicians at all locations, we highly recommend that you book your car in for a manufacturer service as it’s an excellent way to preserve the value of your car.

Manufacturer Service

Essential Car Service

Quality car servicing suitable for any make and model of car is available across all of our service centers. Gargash Motors Essential Service is our mid-price service and follows the same schedule as a manufacturer service but using Gargash Motors quality sourced parts.

Essential Service

Value Car Service

The Value Service is a perfect option if you are working to a budget. This type a car service is suitable for any make and mode and is recommended for vehicles that are more than five years of age. It includes an oil filter change, and engine oil change and a comprehensive Vehicle Health Check.

Value Service

Why should you service your car?

Servicing your car isn’t a legal requirement, however there are many financial and safety benefits to having it done. If you want to maintain your car’s value and increase its lifespan on the road, it’s highly recommended that you service it regularly – here are some of the other reasons why.

– Reduction of engine wear as a result of a regular oil and oil filter change

– Helps to improve the car’s fuel economy

– Maintains the standards of the vehicles brakes and tyres

– Lowers the chance of a breakdown

– Maintains the car’s safety level

– Resale value increases when sold with a full service history

How often should you get your car serviced?

There’s a lot of confusion around how long you should leave between services, and this is because it varies between different makes and models of car. However, as a standard rule, your car should be serviced every 20,000 kilometers or 12 months depending on which comes first. For accurate details on when your car should be serviced, you should refer to the manufacturer’s handbook.

If you’re still unsure whether your car is ready for a service or not, you can book an appointment for a Vehicle Health Check at your Gargash Motors dealership where one of our trained technicians will be able to advise you from there.

Service plan at Gargash Motors

You can have a tailored Service Plan from our Gargash Motors dealerships nationwide.

Spread the costs of your maintenance through a monthly payment program.

Step 1: Choose your service plan type from Manufacturers Scheduled Service to Gargash Motors Essential Service or Gargash Motors Value Service

Step 2: Request a Quotation:

Call our dedicated team on 04 340  6229 for a FREE no obligation quotation or Request a Quote.

Step 3: Enjoy a range of benefits for the duration of the plan:

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Air conditioning system check

Timing belts

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10% loyalty savings on all mechanical repairs, tyres and labour

10% loyalty savings on all accessories, including fitting

25% saving on RTA tests for the duration of the policy