Gargash Motors Tyre Repairs & Fitted Tyres

Car and Van tyres are a wear and tear item. They will wear out and need replacing in order to keep you safe on the road.

At Gargash Motors we will give you accurate and honest advice on how worn your tyres are.

At Gargash Motors you can get a complimentary no obligation Vehicle Health Check where we will check your tyre tread.

Call 04 340  6229 now to find out more about Gargash Motors Tyres and Puncture Repair.

Should you need to change your tyres we have clear pricing and tyre options to suit your driving style and budget.

All of our tyres come with a price guarantee that our tyre prices are the lowest in the area†.

We also offer free puncture repair. If you are unlucky and get a puncture, if it is repairable it won’t cost you a penny. Gargash Motors can offer complimentary while you wait tyre health check appointments across our network of dealerships. Whether you have a car or a van, we aim to get you back on the road as quickly as possible, providing expert tyre advice and the best prices guaranteed – including fitting, balancing, valve and disposal of your old tyre.

If the tyre is repairable, we will repair it completely FREE of charge for you.

The condition of the tyre will depend on whether it can be repaired, but some key aspects that determine this include:

  • If the tyre has been punctured by something small such as a screw or a nail
  • If the tyre has been driven on when flat as it causes the sidewalls of the tyre to weaken
  • If the position of the puncture is in the central area of tyre tread and not in the sidewall or too close to the edges.

We stock a comprehensive range of new tyres from premium, to mid- range, to budget tyres. Whatever your mileage or how you use your vehicle, we’ll make an appropriate recommendation and provide a range of options so you can make an informed choice.

Call us on 04 340  6229 or submit your details to arrange an appointment at your nearest Gargash Motors.